Maharṣi Parāśara names the chapter “Spaṣṭa Bala Adhyāya” where the emphasis is on spaṣṭa which means clearly perceived or discerned i.e. distinctly visible, is plain and intelligible. Unlike the vimśopāka bala which depends on the strength of the planet in the environment (varga), this gives a clear picture of its independent strengths. Spaṣṭa-bala is based on the longitude which is another meaning of the word spaṣṭa. This is the real strength of the planets. Before we jump into calculations and strength estimations, here are a few lessons that would give us a better understanding of the concepts used by Parāśara.

  • Niṣeka and Ādhana - निषेक (niṣeka) and आधान (ādhāna) are separate events leading to pregnancy. {tab=Definition} Niṣeka (Copulation) Niṣeka means sprinkling, or infusion, and specifically refers to the seminal infusion which leads to impregnation and also the vedic ceremony connected with it. Niṣeka is associated with the ‘bed’ and the 12th bhāva in the chart. The planets in the […]
  • Varṇadā Introduction - The word varṇa is derived from vṛ meaning to cover, screen, conceal, surround or obstruct and refers to all that people attach to themselves due to family, profession or club. It includes colors, symbols, implements and everything that shapes the outward appearance, figure, shape. It can refer to a class of men, tribe, order or […]
  • Argala Stotra - Dhyāna Instructions: There are two meditations given in this Argala Stotra by Maharṣi Mārkaṇḍeya. You can choose either of them which is to be recited once. Śrīcaṇḍikā Dhyānam ॐ बन्धूककुसुमाभासां पञ्चमुण्डाधिवासिनीम्‌। स्फुरच्चन्द्रकलारत्नमुकुटां मुण्डमालिनीम्‌ ॥ त्रिनेत्रां रक्तवसनां पीनोन्नतघटस्तनीम्‌। पुस्तकं चाक्षमालां च वरं चाभयकं क्रमात्‌ ॥ दधतीं संस्मरेन्नित्यमुत्तराम्नायमानिताम्‌। om bandhūkakusumābhāsāṁ pañcamuṇḍādhivāsinīm | sphuraccandrakalāratnamukuṭāṁ muṇḍamālinīm  || trinetrāṁ raktavasanāṁ […]
  • Ṣaḍbala Introduction - Ṣaḍbala Defined Derived from ṣaḍ (six) and bala (strength), ṣaḍbala refers to the six sources of visible or true strength of a planet. These are different from the other sources of strength of the planet which are changeable and therefore considered untrue. Maharṣi Parāśara uses the word spaṣṭa bala for this which means something clearly […]